Trending nail designs for spring 2024 (2024)

The hottest spring nail trends in2024

For spring 2024, creating a stylish, finished look is at your fingertips. From subdued neutrals to intricate spring nail art to sparkling accents, numerous gorgeous nail looks are trending this year.When it comes to achieving spring nailsthat grab attention, the right products will make it possible to create beautiful manicures at home. We researchedthe latest nail trends to bring you the hottest looks of the season.

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Nail basics

Before exploring the most-happening spring nail designs, you’ll need a few basics. Tools like files, manicure scissors and clippers will keep your nails smooth and shapely. While these products can be purchased separately, they are also available in manicure kits.

In addition to nail polish remover to start fresh, base and top coats are must-haves for outstanding results. A base coat provides a foundation that helps secure polish, while a top coat will protect against chipping and produce a beautiful finish.

Trending nail designs for spring 2024

If you love pretty, up-to-the-minute nails, you already know that styles are always changing. In search of the top fashion-first looks for spring, we explored the web and top social networking platforms to find how fashionistas, beauty experts and influencers are styling their nails this spring.

French manicures— with a twist

The popularity of the traditional French manicure endures, but there are countless variations to this timeless look that are perfect for the season.From rainbow looks to color-blocking, French manicures with unexpected color combinations are in style. Whereas the traditional design involvesalight pink or nude base with bright white tips,milky French manicures with a semi-opaque white or off-white base have a slightly softer effect.

Spring nail colors

Always popular this time of year, subdued, pastel hues go hand-in-hand with springtime blossoms and Easter candy. The clean girl/balletcore aesthetic is in, and you can easily achieve this with simple pink spring nails. Pale lilac, light blue, peach and sage green are also trending as nail colors for spring.

When it comes to bolder and darker nail polish colors, deep reds, including cherry red and burgundy, are hot this spring. The Barbiecore obsession continues this season with attention-grabbing fuschia nails. Burnt orange is another eye-catching spring nail color to try. If you like neutral, earthy tones, chocolate brown is the way to go.

Chrome nails

In 2022, the glazed donut chrome nailtrend took off, and it never left — this shimmery metallic style continues to be requested in nail salons everywhere. Chrome nails can look anywhere from edgy to glitzy, depending on the color you choose.

Nail art

Nail art is the perfect accent to pair with any color or nail shape. In keeping with the season,you can’t go wrong with butterflies and spring flower nails. Girly bows, pearls and lace details are trending this season. Embellishments like glitter, rhinestones or sequins will add flair to any spring nail design. You can get these looks with nail stickers or by drawing them with a nail pen.

Nail shapes

In 2024, square tips and almond-shaped nails of various lengths are the trends that caught our attention. Long square nails are often referred to as coffin or ballerina nails due to their unique shape. Likewise, lengthy almond nails are called stiletto nails.If you prefer long nails but have difficulty growing your own, faux nails with these trendy shapes are available.

Best products for spring 2024 nail trends

Best polishes and powders

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish

This pale pink hue with a glossy finish is perfect for dainty ballerina looks— it's literally in the name.

OPI Polly Want a Lacquer? Nail Polish

This pale lilac polish with a creme finishis a beautiful choice for spring. It should last up to seven days.

Essie Bachelorette Bash Nail Polish

Come on Barbie, let's go party!This glossy fuschia polish would be right at home in Barbieland.

OPI Mexico City Move-Mint Nail Polish

This icy blue polish with a creme finish is very on-trend for spring. It also comes invarious other shades that would be spring-appropriate.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear City That Never Peach Nail Polish

This glossy peach polishis a cute and cheerful option for spring.

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Wet n Wild Nuclear War Nail Polish

This burnt orange polish with a glossy finish is oh so dramatic for spring.

OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress Nail Polish

This sultry dark red polish draws the eye, witha shimmer to it that we just love.

Londontown Cool Tones Lakur Nail Polish

This high-shine sage green polish will give you thatsubtle, earthy aesthetic.

OPI Espresso Your Inner Self Nail Polish

This warm chocolatey polish with a high shine is neutral and understated.

Artdone Chrome Nail Powder

This is the ultimate powder set for achieving the chrome trend, with 16 pigmentsrangingfrom neutral to dark to bright.

Best nail files and tools

Classy Lady Glass Nail File

Although it’s gentle on nails, the glass construction of this nailfile makes it durable and easy to clean. It features fine crystals that create a smooth finish on nails without damaging delicate surfaces.

Utopia Care 15-Piece Manicure Set

In addition to 15 well-made tools that are essential to creating beautiful nail looks, this collection comes with a sturdy case. The pieces are made of stainless steel that holds up well to regular use.

Beetles Nail Art Brush Set

When it comes to creating nail art, tools with ultra-fine tips are a must. This six-piece collection includes pens and brushes that are ideal for intricate details.

Best base and top coats

OPI Infinite Shine Base and Top Coat

A base and top coat will add staying power to polish and nail art. This duo lives up to its name with its long-lasting glossy finish that resists chipping and can last for as long as 11 days.

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Debora Lippmann Hard Rock Nail-Strengthening Top and Base Coat

Because it’s both a top and base coat in one product, it's simple to achieve long-lasting nail looks. It also makes nails stronger, which leads to growth.

Best nail embellishments

Le Mini Macaron Mini Nail Stickers, Butterfly Dreams

These small butterfly stickers are perfect for turning your nails into works of art for spring and beyond. They are colorful and come in several sizes for numerous unique designs.

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AddFavor DIY Glitter Nail Art Set

With beads, rhinestones, small stickers and more, this set is well-stocked with embellishments to make nails stand out and sparkle. It also comes with tools, including files and nail art pens.

Votacos Flatback Rhinestones and Pearls Nail Charms

This set of nail stickersincludes sparkly rhinestones and iridescent pearls in various shapes and sizes. The charms rangefrom 1 to 3 millimeters wide.

Katartizo Colorful Bow-Knot Nail Stud Rhinestones

Get in on the cutesy bow trend with this nail art set. It featurestiny bows in six colors and four sizes, as well as pearls to embellish them. You'll need nail glueto apply these.

Kasuwa Lace Nail Stickers

Add stunning lace details to your nails with these stickers. You get a wide variety of designs with this set, available in white or black.

Best faux nails

KISS Salon Acrylic Square Nude Nails

Although artificial, these acrylic nails have a natural appearance. They feature a soft pink shade and square shape that are on-trend this season. The set includes 28 nails, essential tools and nail glue.

Glamnetic Wild Card Press-On Nails

If you can’t grow your own nails to get an almond shape, these nails will give you the look you love. They have a colorful design with springtime pastels and come with tools and glue.

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Glamnetic Confetti Press-On Nails

You can rock the modern French manicure trend with these press-on nails, featuring a short, almond-shaped design andmulticolored tips. The kit also comes with tools and glue.

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Trending nail designs for spring 2024 (2024)
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