How to Put in Hair Extensions (Hand-tied, Fusion, Keratin, Tape-in and clip-in) (2024)

Want hair that's beautiful, versatile, and instantly transforms your look? Want to add a bit extra glamour? There are always moments that a dream of medium and soft hair suddenly appears in your mind, especially for significant events.

How to Put in Hair Extensions (Hand-tied, Fusion, Keratin, Tape-in and clip-in) (1)

This guide gives you the run-down on hair extensions and explains everything you need to know if you're looking to get hair extensions or already have them. It would be best to have some tips and tricks to maintain them or keep them lasting a long time. Your little heart needs to know these important tips about getting extensions when looking into them. These are all things that work for Hairlaya's stylists and clients regularly. Read on to save time when doing your research.

Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions:

  • Extensions add volume and length to hair.
  • Extensions allow you to create more complicated hairstyles and updos, making them a must for special occasions.
  • Not just for adding length extensions, it will enable you to add a highlighted look in natural or vibrant colors. If you're afraid actually to dye your hair, you can purchase extensions or buy the color you are looking for so you can add some funky vivid colors without damaging your actual hair with harsh dyes and bleach.

Materials of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions mainly come in different materials: human hair and synthetic hair. The latter has a much shorter lifespan than human hair extensions at around 6 - 12 months or longer if the quality is superb. So, here we only talk about different types of human hair extensions.

How to Put In Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are several ways to attach hair extensions to your natural hair. Some options are strictly temporary, and some are permanent.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied wefts are a weft of 100% real human hair that is hand-tied into your natural hair by a row of beads.

Hand-tied works out fantastic for fine-haired clients, either for medium to thick hair or fine hair. Hand-tied hair extensions are the most preferred permanent type of hair extension because they're the most comfortable for your clients and the least damaging most of the time. The client does not even feel the kind of extension. They don't even know it feels supernatural.

Application Type:Semi-Permanent. And the way this works is you combine or sandwich the two together to make one combo weft, so basically, you have the client's hair in the middle sandwiching those two by the combo wefts. It can be an excellent solution for thin hair as well.

Application Time:1 hour per row

Lifespan:This will last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. It works out great the extensions are reusable.


Fusion or Keratin Hair Extensions

The strand by strand method utilizes approximately 20 – 40 strands of hair, attached at one end using a glue bond or keratin. Strand by strand extensions are attached to small pieces/sections of the wearer's hair using a heat gun) or cold fusion (copper cylinders and plyers). Strand by strand systems is often referred to as a keratin bond, U or nail tip, flat tip, or micro links.

Bonded strand by strand is attached to the hair using a heating element. Your hair is placed between the U-tip and sealed with a hot extension tool that melts the Keratin glue rolled into the hair.

Application Type:Semi-Permanent

Application Time:6 hours. Volume applications use between 100 – 150 strands, whereas length can require as many as 300 strands. The number of strands will depend on the amount and length of the wearer's own hair, the desired look, and length.

Lifespan:This will lasts last up to 6 months if taken care of properly. It is not reusable hair that requires new hair purchased for every application.

Cost:$600-$3000. The longer the application time and the amount of hair used will determine the cost.

Tape-ins Hair Extensions

A tape made specifically for hair (Hairlaya's Tape-in applies medical-grade adhesive) is first pre-taped to wefts of hair extensions, then taped to the root of the hair.

Application Type:Semi Permanent

Application Time:30 minutes - 1 hour

Lifespan:This will last anywhere from 1 to 2 months if maintained well. The extensions are also reusable.


Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are wefts of either human or synthetic hair on a silicone or fabric base. They are attached to the hair via small, comb-like clips.

Application Type:Temporary

Application Time:30 minutes or less

Lifespan:3 months year depending on the type of hair and treatment of the extensions.


So there, you have a brief overview of all four professional hair extension methods. Please get familiar with every one of them find out what works best for you or your clientele.

Why We Recommend Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Noticed much breakage from clip-in extensions? Try hand-tied for more versatility and minor damage! Hand-tied hair extensions have numerous benefits over options available:

  • Hand-tied hair extensions are the semi-permanent hair extension option, allowing more versatility.
  • Hand-tied hair extensions are the top quality hair extensions on the market.
  • They are easy to apply by Hairlaya certified stylist. It can finish the entire process in several hours.
  • They can last longer than other options with a year or longer lifespan if adequately cared for.
  • Hand-tied hair extensions are lightweight and just like your natural hair.
  • Hand-tied hair extensions do not use heat, chemicals, or pressure, so, with proper use, they will not cause damage to your hair.

HAIR EXTENSION IS an investment, and it is crucial to put your beautiful locks in the hands of someone knowledgeable and experienced! Don't take the cheap way out here - it is not worth the risk, in my personal opinion!

Consult And Book Appointments With A Highly Rated Salon

We list all the salons that got certified with Hairlaya on our SalonLocator page. You fill in the zip code and find a trusted salon or stylist to do your hand-tied installation. It would guarantee you will get nicely and non-damage installed.

Now get your hand-tied extensions and get everyone obsessed with your new gorgeous hair!

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How to Put in Hair Extensions (Hand-tied, Fusion, Keratin, Tape-in and clip-in) (2024)
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