And Just Like That: are you ready for season 3? (2024)

Well, as is tradition, here we follow the steps of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and company, from Sex and the City (which has been gaining a new audience since arriving on Netflix) to the third season of And Just Like That, whose shootings they must begin soon, as the actress and the team have been signaling.

The third season – so far – is keeping a lot of secrecy and nothing has been leaked, even though we know about the official cast changes (with the departure of some important names), in general, there is a lot of loose stuff. Which gives us room to speculate!

What do we know or can we deduce about the next season?

Sarah Jessica Parker is already in NYC again

Our eternal Carrie spent her time away from TV on stage. That’s right, alongside her husband, Matthew Broderick, she starred in Neil Simon‘s play, The Plaza Suite, on Broadway and, in 2024, was in a highly successful London season.

Well, there are two signs that the third season of And Just Like That is about to start filming: Sarah Jessica is back in New York! As she posted: “At home”.

Kristin Davis, our eternal Charlotte, celebrated her return. This means that yes, the focus now turns to Carrie again. And we want to know more!

The team posted about London, but it’s not about Samantha Jones

Although London is Samantha Jones’ (Kim Cattrall) home, that’s why the costume design team has been posting lots of images and tips from the city. Or at least, we don’t want to get excited!

The character’s appearance in the second season, nothing more than two minutes recorded separately from everything else, gave quick hope of her “return”, but it did not cheer us up. Samantha may have made peace with Carrie, but it’s only in fiction. The reality between the actresses remains distant.

That said, why did I get excited for a few seconds? For posts like these:

That’s right, the team was at London Fashion Week and has already indicated that they are working on season 3. Will we see Charlotte in a rose dress?

The team has been working since March

When the cameras start rolling, we are closer to the end than the beginning. Before recording, there are months of preparation. In the case of costumes, all the research and selection of material is essential, which began with the season in England and has been underway since March. And there are possible spoilers. Read ahead!

The dream location: fitting room

The cast is already circulating in what we can call a dream location, which is nothing less than the warehouse where ALL THE COSTUMES are assembled and selected.

The now iconic “pink sofa”, where artists sit and wait for various outfit changes, has been in season 3 since the beginning of April.

“I will be thinking about him soon!!!! Xxx,” Sarah Jessica announced on April 2. We count on it!

Cynthia Nixon spent her birthday working

Cynthia Nixon is more than one of the stars of And Just Like That, she’s one of the directors too*. So Miranda Hobbes is already selecting her wardrobe, without giving Cynthia time off, not even to celebrate her birthday, on April 13th.

That’s right, as the team warned, she “had her test and her birthday cake! 💖💖🩷🩷👑👑👑”

Seema is also almost ready

On the same day as “Miranda”, our dear Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) also went through her first costume fittings. As she joked two weeks ago, “This couch is the reason for my happiness,” she posted.

Wedding in sight?

In the March 8th post, the team showed a pair of panties with “Just Married” embroidery, sparking a wave of rumors that only promises to heat up when we know more!

In the video that tours the costume hangar (see until the end), the underwear has no revealed owner, but the list of single women is not long. Could it be Carrie? Miranda? Seema?

The fans’ bet is on our dear Seema, but calm down! The team claims that the piece is “those are left over ugly Betty tv show”, whose recordings ended in 2019. Just in case, let’s follow along.

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s return to New York is a sign that we will have a busy American summer and that, therefore, we can dream of And Just Like That premiering in early 2025. In the crowd.

*Cynthia working on And Just Like That means that the third season of The Gilded Age will only be a reality (I mean, it will only resume recording) in the second half of 2024, at best. Carrie Coon is in Thailand recording the third season of The White Lotus, so betting on realism, the series will only be ready by the end of 2025. But of course, we will follow!

And Just Like That: are you ready for season 3? (2024)
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