15 Kombucha co*cktail Recipes You’ll Feel Good About Sipping (2024)

Just because you’re on a post-holiday health kick starting tomorrow doesn’t mean you can’t treat yo’self before NYE resolutions *actually* go into effect. Pop some bottles, mix up your favorite co*cktail and add the secret ingredient that’s known for its energy-boosting abilities + health benefits: kombucha. Whether you’re feeling seasonally festive or wishing to add a little probiotic action to your holiday diet, these 15 kombucha co*cktails are just what you need to put a little pep in your step.

1. Blueberry Mojito Kombucha: Your mojito game just got stronger. Blueberries AND kombucha mean *major* antioxidants for this heavenly drink. (via Making Thyme for Health)

2. Kombucha Porch Punch co*cktail: It might be winter, but if you’re not one to follow seasonal flavor trends, just sip on this fruity kombucha punch co*cktail by the fire. Nobody has to know you’re wishing you were sipping it from your front porch, dreaming of warmer climates. (via Charmingly Styled)

3. Pomegranate Kombucha Smash: Pomegranate muddled with mint leaves makes for a refreshing co*cktail, but mix in kombucha and whiskey? Another round, please. (via Gold Mine)

4. Kombucha Moscow Mule: Moscow Mules are having a serious moment right now. Take yours to the next level with kombucha and squeeze in half a lime to give it some extra oomph. (via Cookie + Kate)

5. Kombucha Champagne co*cktail: Toast your way through the holidays with this champagne co*cktail topped with kombucha. Your guests are going to LOVE it. (via The Clean Dish)

6. Citrus Burst Kombucha Sangria: Mmmm! Who doesn’t love a yummy sangria? If you’re hosting a party this holiday season, make a pitcher of this sangria recipe that mixes in bursts of citrus and kombucha. (via The Healthy Maven)

7. Sparkling Watermelon Berry Kombucha Sangria: If citrus isn’t your thing, go for this watermelon and berry option. Warning: It’ll have you wishing your were on a beach STAT. (via Pickles + Honey)

8. Blackberry Basil Kombucha Shrub co*cktail: Not only is this drink totally fun to look at, but it also has oodles of flavor. Blackberry, basil and kombucha make for one drink that packs a serious punch. (via Café Johnsonia)

9. Ginger Apple Kombucha co*cktail: Combine ginger kombucha, fresh ginger, vodka and apple juice to make this seasonal co*cktail that’ll warm you up from the inside out. (via Tasty Yummies)

10. Strawberry-Infused Ginger Kombucha Moscow Mules: The name of this drink is a (tasty) mouthful, but it’s super easy to make. Your friends will be asking you for the recipe as soon as they take one sip, so it’s a must-Pin. (via Edible Perspective)

11. Spiced Rum Fig Kombucha co*cktail: Get in the New Year’s Eve spirit with a spiced rum co*cktail that features hints of fig. Let the fig and orange do all the work in the flavor department and leave your kombucha original and unflavored. (via Tasty Yummies)

12. Spiced Apple Cranberry Kombucha Sangria: And if that doesn’t put you in the spirit, this cranberry drink definitely will. What screams winter co*cktail more than cranberries? Answer: nothing. (via Tasty Yummies)

13. Kombucha Whiskey co*cktail: Whiskey, mint leaves, pomegranate and kombucha will leave you wanting a few too many of these. No judgment — ’tis the season for co*cktails, after all. (via Honest Cooking)

14. Kombucha Margarita: Just because it’s below-freezing temps outside doesn’t mean you can’t sip on summer’s favorite drink. Amplify your margs with kombucha — you won’t regret it. (via Our Four Forks)

15. Strawberry Vodka Kombucha co*cktail: It doesn’t get any easier than this beverage. Combine strawberry kombucha, vodka and lime to make this delicious drink. Garnish with strawberry and basil to make it a very merry Christmas. (via Camille Styles)

How delicious do these kombucha co*cktails look? Follow us on Pinterest for more recipes.

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15 Kombucha co*cktail Recipes You’ll Feel Good About Sipping (2024)
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